NUTSPREAD 100% walnut butter - natural or sweetened

Product no.: AD11
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Rich in B vitamin, omega-3 acids, sweet and delicious - no wonder walnuts are among the most popular nuts of the world. And have you tried our super creamy Nutspread walnut butter? You can hardly find something more tasty and healthy in the same time..

We offer 2 variants: 100% natural or lightly sweetened with 10% of cane sugar.
100 g - 49 CZK

250 g - 99 CZK

1 kg - 369 CZK


Oil separation is a normal proccess – stir the content before consumption. 


Natural: 100% walnuts. No sugar, no salt. 

100 g contains:

2596 KJ/618 KCAL

Proteins 24 g

Carbohydrates 10 g

Fats 59 g 

Sweetened: 90% walnuts, 10% cane sugar.

250č KJ/596 KCAL

Proteins 21,6

Carbohydrates 19 g

Fats 53,1 g 

Please make your choice and let us know to the "Message for the seller". The price will be adjusted on your invoice based on the requested products. Thank you!