NUTSPREAD 100% hazelnut butter - natural or sweetened

Product no.: AD7
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Love Nutella? And did you know there are only 13% of hazelnuts? But Nutspread hazelnut butter is different – pure 100% hazelnut and nothing else. Once you taste it – you fall in love. For the most demanding customers!

We offer 2 variants: 100% natural or lightly sweetened with 10% of cane sugar. 

100 g - 49 CZK

250 g - 129 CZK

1 kg - 469 CZK


Oil separation is a normal proccess – stir the content before consumption. 


Natural: 100% hazelnuts. No sugar, no salt. 

100 g contains:

2637 KJ/628 KCAL

Proteins 15 g

Carbohydrates 10 g

Fats 61 g 

Sweetened: 90% hazelnuts, 10% cane sugar.

2542 KJ/605 KCAL

Proteins 13,5

Carbohydrates 19 g

Fats 54,9 g 

Please make your choice and let us know to the "Message for the seller". The price will be adjusted on your invoice based on the requested products. Thank you!